Glossier has finally made its (temporary) way to London, after finally being able to ship to the U.K. as of a moth ago. The pop-up shop is located at 32 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NA, and is opened from November 15-22 (if you live in the London area, you still have two more days!)
I was lucky enough to have free time to visit the shop the day they opened, and the interior was decorated beautifully and elegantly with pink and white flowers, two showrooms with Glossier's complete product line from skincare to makeup, and a red room which showcased their debut fragrance, Glossier You. Every product was completely testable with the help of Glossier employees scattered around the shop, readily prepared to answer any and all questions.

Going into the store, the only thing I had thought about purchasing was the Balm Dotcom Trio because my cuticles cannot survive without super thick and heavy cream on them. Especially since it's getting significantly colder outside, I wanted to make sure I had a tube on me at all times. I got all three of them in the Original scent because I don't really like scented things in general (more to come later), and I already own Rose and Birthday Cake
—which I'm not really a fan of, but still use on my cuticles regardless. The Balm Dotcom retails for £10 each, or you can get three for £25.

As I was waiting in line to check out, I noticed that almost all the customers in front of me were purchasing the Body Hero range, which consists of a shower oil body cleanser and a body cream. Coincidentally, I was standing right next to the skincare table, and managed to try some of this cream on my hand. The scent is incredibly light and fresh—it reminded me of a lighter version of baby sunscreen I used to use in the summertime. The consistency is very thick, but it absorbs so easily into the skin and does not leave skin feeling greasy or heavy, which is a plus for me. I gave it a full test on my body after having a shower, and I can honestly say it's better than any body butter I've tried before. The Body Hero body cream retails for £18.

While walking around the shop, I went up the staircase to the red room where I tried Glossier You. I sprayed it on the perfume cards that were provided, but I had to test it on my own skin since this perfume's scent reacts with your skin's natural oils to create a one-of-a-kind scent. I can safely say that the scent is weirdly addicting. On Glossier's website, it's described as "creamy, sparkling, clean, warm" with notes of iris root and pink pepper.
Since it has launched, I was so tempted in ordering it because this fragrance has a similar hype to the O2 Molecule Perfume, which I have never tried. I’m extremely picky when it comes to scents because so many scents can easily give me a migraine and make me feel very sick. Since I’ve stared wearing perfume, I’ve only ever found two scents that I could apply over and over without feeling ill or getting a headache.
Because the pop-up had every Glossier product available, I decided to try the perfume on my wrist. The scent was really strange at first, it was fresh and somewhat florally, but with a slight hint of sweet musk. I normally stay away from musky and sweet scents because those are the ones I cannot handle for my life. I didn’t think much of it, and proceeded to go around the shop and eventually, I placed my order to stock up on the Balm Dotcom Trio and made my first purchase of the Body Hero Body Cream. I sat on a couch waiting to pick up my order, and I noticed the perfume on me, and there was something just so addicting about it that I could not stop smelling my wrist. I had to go back to one of the ladies who were taking orders and told them I needed to place a second order for the perfume.The scent is incredibly indescribable, and I have never smelled anything like this before nor did I expect a perfume like this to smell the way it does. Obviously it’s made to work with your body’s natural oils, pH, and skin metabolism, but oh my gosh, if you test one thing from Glossier, spritz some of Glossier You on your wrist and let it sit for a few hours. You will be changed. I did not believe the hype over this kind of perfume nor did I think that I would like it at all, but once it settled with my body, it became this addicting scent I couldn’t stop smelling. I was literally mind-blown, and still am to this day. I cannot get over it. I don’t know what Glossier has put into this, but I can assure you it’s going to smell like nothing you’ve smelled before. Glossier You eau de parfum retails for £45.

Until next time,
Teresa x

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