I popped into Lush a couple of times in the past weeks to stock up on their Christmas collection! I absolutely love Lush at this time of year because their scents are more warm, spicy, and sweet (and some fruity)!

Aside from my all-time favorites, So White and Golden Wonder, I think that Santa's Belly is one of my new holiday favorites. There were some missing classic Christmas items, but they have been replaced by some new items such as the Christmas Magic bubble wand (which smells similar to the classic Melting Snowman). I've tried most of these out, and I think that Shoot for the Stars bath bomb has the best presentation, but the scent isn't my favorite. I love the scent of the YogNog soap, and I was so excited to see that they made a bath bomb with the same scent! I have yet to try the Peeping Santa bubble bar which smells of strawberry!

Items featured:

  • YogNog Bath Bomb
  • Intergalactic Bath Bomb
  • So White Bath Bomb
  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  • Butter Bear Bath Bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb
  • Cinders Bath Bomb
  • Stardust Bath Bomb
  • The Experimenter Bath Bomb
  • Yoga Bath Bomb
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
  • Christmas Magic Bubble Bar
  • Santa's Belly Shower Jelly
I am completely swamped with finals and assignments as the semester is coming to an end, and my birthday's tomorrow! (I don't even feel that excited for it because of all the work I have to do, lol..) My next post will definitely be late next week, but I hope you have a wonderful day with whatever you are doing :) For those of you in school/college, good luck on finals! You can do it!

Until next time,
Teresa x 

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