There has been so much hype over the Sunday Riley skincare products over the past couple of years, and I personally thought it was a huge gimmick because of the ridiculously high price tag. I couldn't bring myself to purchase the full-size, so I never gave in…until now. Sephora released an exclusive kit called the "Power Couple" for people to try out the two most raved skincare products by Sunday Riley—the Good Genes Serum Treatment and the Luna Sleeping Night Oil.
I popped into Lush a couple of times in the past weeks to stock up on their Christmas collection! I absolutely love Lush at this time of year because their scents are more warm, spicy, and sweet (and some fruity)!
Happy first of December! Winter temperature has finally been starting to hit Boston, and at night, it's been starting to get below freezing. Although I do have oily skin, I get dry patches here and there during the wintertime because of the heating in buildings as well as the winter winds. I have some skin-saving winter essentials that I think will be greatly beneficial to a winter skincare routine. Continue reading to find out which products I use!
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