After purchasing many lovely pre-made eyeshadow palettes, I really wanted a palette where I knew I would use every single color. Oftentimes in pre-made palettes, there will always be a few colors that I completely neglect because I either think it doesn't suit me, or I just don't know how to use them (is that just me?)
It's unfortunate because I spend good money on the palettes, and sometimes I just want an all-around useful palette. I have been looking at MAC's customizable eyeshadow palettes for quite a while, but I never brought myself to purchase one because I didn't know how worth it it would be in the end. I'm glad I took the plunge to splurge on these shadows because they are extremely nice neutrals with all different finishes. I knew I wasn't going to be able to choose 15 colors I liked, so I had an associate help me. She was so friendly, and came up with different colors that would work well together, and tested them on me to make sure they suited my skin tone. I also purchased a MAC 217 blending brush, which has seriously been amazing for finishing off the perfect eyeshadow look.

 First Row (L to R): Naked Lunch, Soft Brown, Mulch, Cranberry
Second Row (L to R): Brûlée, Mythology, Satin Taupe, Quarry
Third Row (L to R): All That Glitters, Expensive Pink, Bronze, Ground Brown
I personally love all 12 shadows I have, and I've tried all of them so far except for Expensive Pink, Cranberry, and Ground Brown. I'm saving Expensive Pink, Cranberry, and Mythology for some all-out holiday looks. I think they're super festive and something that should be used when it's a night-out or something. I guess what I'm trying to say is that to me, they look like occasion eyeshadow colors.
I would have to say, compared to Urban Decay and Too Faced eyeshadows, MAC shadows aren't as buttery and smooth. I don't need to tap excess off the brush because I physically need that much to get an adequate amount of product. I would much rather prefer these colors over the UD and TF palettes, though. I just wish the formulation was butterier.
I also don't know why I was convinced into buying both Mulch and Bronze since they basically look alike, haha. But Bronze is deeper brown, and Mulch is a warmer and lighter color when it's blended out.

The first product I ever purchased from MAC was a blush a couple years back that's stashed away somewhere. I don't know—I guess I just never really considered other MAC products despite most of their makeup items, especially their lipsticks, being raved all over the Internet.
What is your favorite MAC product? I'd love to hear of your suggestions if there are any products I should try out! :)

Until next time,
Teresa x

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