Hello, everyone! I have to apologize for my lack of activity on my blog, and I have to admit that I did neglect it since this semester has picked up. These past few weeks have been super intense, but I don't regret the life experiences I've learned. Things have been slowing down, and they will continue to until December. There are some life events that I'd like to share with you all.

First and foremost, I will officially be interning abroad in London next semester! I am beyond excited, and I am ready to finally explore outside of The United States. Secondly, this Thanksgiving break, my friends and I have planned a spontaneous quick trip to New York City. I can't wait to see all the Christmas decorations just starting to light up the city as well as *hopefully* going ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Additionally, I am officially scheduled to get my wisdom teeth removed on December 22nd, which I am completely dreading because it is right before Christmas, and I will not be able to eat solid food for a week or so.

Last week was the first relaxing week I've had since before the semester started. So to reward myself, I went and did a lot of shopping. It was excessive, but for four weeks straight, I have not had time for myself, nor had time to go out and just hang out like a normal person. Unfortunately, in my apartment, there is hardly any natural lighting, which is a huge reason for me not posting—I am very wary of photos that do not use natural lighting as they do not come out as nice. Seeing that my options are very limited (either post with the photos and lighting I have or don't post at all), I think I will just deal with the photos and try to edit the lighting to make them look half-decent.

I have a long overdue Sephora Haul from the summertime, lol… Again, I really apologize for neglecting my blog. I will make a post about that as well as posts about other products I have recently bought over the past week! I promise that I will try to post at least once a week (whether that be about products or just random life updates and photos).

I'd love to know what you guys have been up to since September has started! Are you in school or working? What are you going to miss most about Autumn? Personally, I'm excited for winter and for the copious amounts of Starbucks' Red Cups and holiday drinks :)

Until next time,
Teresa x

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