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Since the school year is about to begin, I thought it'd be helpful to share my tips that help me stay organized and de-stressed when life gets extremely busy. Personally, I love to be organized. I always have deadlines and schedules planned out, so I'm not always constantly thinking or worrying. If I never wrote my thoughts down, I don't think I would be able to sleep. Being organized in itself is already a de-stressor.
I already wrote a post about my organization and planning here :)

Tip #1: Keep a planner or agenda.
I cannot stress enough how crucial a planner or agenda is to get your life organized. It's like seeing a day-by-day snapshot of your life. Seeing everything laid out makes me worry and stress less about things because it allows me to know when I have free time for "me time" to make a Starbucks run, sit outside to get some fresh air, check social media, or even take a short walk. Aside from using physical planners, I also like to sync all my events to the Calendar app on my iPhone and MacBook. It's just so helpful to have two different forms of events—it's also a plus to have them on the Calendar app because it allows you to set reminders of the event beforehand. I use my agenda strictly for calendar purposes as well as keeping track of school assignments.

Tip #2: Keep a journal.
I have a journal separate from my agenda because I use my journal to jot down notes, to-do lists, and anything else important that just comes up in my thoughts. I bring my journal around everywhere because these thoughts can pop up at the most random time, and I will need an easily accessible place to jot them down. I also write down my shopping lists, weekly tasks, and my finances.

Tip #3: Write down to-do lists.
Whether the list is filled with daily or weekly things to do, you will feel more relieved and accomplished when you have checked off everything on your list. This coincides with the previous tip because I write down weekly to-do lists, and check off everything I've done. Because it is weekly, I do tend to add things as the week progresses on if anything comes up. I don't have a ton of stuff to complete each day which is why I keep a weekly list.
However, there will be some days where I will have many, many things to do in one day. In this case, I would use the "Notes" app on my phone to plan out every detail of a super busy day. The reason why I use the "Notes" app is because is easily accessible when I am on the go, and my phone is something I carry around in my hand almost 24/7. If one of my to-do tasks is very time sensitive, which probably happens a few times a week, I will use the "Reminders" app on my phone because it allows you to schedule a time and/or a location for when and where you need to be reminded of the task.

Tip #4: Exercise.
When the week starts getting unbearable, or you've just had a bad day, the best thing to do is to exercise. Exercising does not mean to get a gym membership and run on a treadmill or life weights. Exercising can mean going on a walk and taking deep breaths while you do, stretching, or even yoga. I've been dancing my entire life, so when I'm stressed I like to do some ballet barre work to classical music, or spend about 10-20 minutes doing some stretching/conditioning. I made up my own warm-up routine that I use all the time. I mainly focus on stretching my legs and sitting in my splits because I find that stretching muscles really help release all the tension built up in your body. I also like to opt for yoga. I've never been to a yoga studio or taken classes before, but I found an app that works really well with a whole variation of yoga lessons ranging from 5-30 minutes each. The app is called "Yoga Studio" and is available on the App Store!
Another app that I would highly recommend if you don't like to get physical with exercise is meditation. I tend to use this app when I have so much on my mind that it prevents me from sleeping. The app is called "Calm", and you can choose from a range of calming and relaxing sounds from beach waves to rainfall. You can also use this is you've been around a very loud and busy environment. It really works to calm your mind and relax all the racing thoughts in your head.

Tip #5: "Day One" App
The "Day One" app is basically a virtual diary. You can lock it with a passcode or your fingerprint. I only have the app on my iPhone, but it is also available for Macs and other devices. This app is exactly what it says it is. You can write as many entries as you want a day, and attach a single photo to each entry. You can also change the time, location, and weather of the post as well. I use this app to write down a very eventful day or just to rant or vent about anything and everything. It's completely private because you make an account and it's your very own. People who borrow your phone won't be able to open the app unless you tell them your passcode. Anyway, I have days where so many things happened I just can't contain it all in my head, so I just let it all out in one long post, as you would do in a diary.

Tip #6: Take a warm bubble bath or pamper yourself.
At the end of the week, or the end of a long day, I opt for a Lush bubble bath. Lush is my absolute favorite store for bath items. When Lush's winter collection arrives, it is the time where I buy multiple items and stock up on all the limited edition products. Lush usually releases their winter collection around November, so I am so excited that it's only a couple months away! My favorite Lush bath products are: So White (winter collection), Golden Wonder (winter collection), Dragon's Egg, and Butterball.
A little thing I like to do while taking a bubble bath is to pamper myself with a face mask. I also love using Lush face masks, and the ones that work best with my oily skin are: Cosmetic Warrior, Cupcake, and Catastrophe Cosmetic. Another one of my favorite face masks is from Origins, and it is their "Clear Improvement" mask. It's a charcoal/clay mask that really deep cleanses clogged pores. I use the Origins mask maybe once a week, if not, then every other week. The Lush face masks are very gentle to the skin and you can use them every day or every other day depending on your skin's needs and your concerns.

Tip #7: Make a nice hot cup of tea and watch Netflix.
When I need some down-time after a stressful week, or if I'm not tired at the end of the day, I like to watch Netflix. On days where I've been overworked, I like to watch light comedy shows, and not so much intense shows like Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, etc. Currently, I opt for rewatching all seasons of "New Girl". I absolutely love this show—I love the actors because they're so hilarious. Another show that I love to rewatch is The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but that's been taken down from Netflix since the end of last year, I believe, which makes me very sad.
On summer days, I'd make myself iced tea (or treat myself with iced tea from Starbucks). When the weather gets cooler, I like to make tea with fruit notes in it like peach or mango. I don't like drinking my tea with milk unless it's bubble tea, so I add a spoonful of honey while it's still hot. Sometimes it's just nice to be tucked up into bed watching a funny show with some relaxing tea and maybe even some chocolate—I'm obsessed with crispy M&Ms and I'm so glad they're back, haha.

These are just some of the things I do on a weekly basis to help myself feel relaxed after a busy week. I get stressed easily, and worry about everything I possibly can, so I find it very satisfying knowing that I have options to pull myself out of all the negative energy. All these things work for me, but it really depends on the situation as to which one of these tips (or a combination of them) that I would do throughout the week.
I hope you guys enjoy reading these tips, and have an amazing day or night wherever you are! :)


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