When it comes to makeup, I like to stick with a neutral look. For everyday makeup, I don't go all out and do a full face of makeup—I tend to stick to the basics. I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, but if I do wear eyeshadow on a normal day where I'm either going to school or work, I just stick to the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in the color Champange. It's a nude neutral and sparkly color that adds a little more brightness to your eyes. You can wear it alone for a wash of color, but since I have small eyes, I tend to put a matte light brown in my crease for some definition.

My eyelids get very oily throughout the day, so priming them is a must if I'm going to be wearing eyeshadow. When I plan on doing a more heavy eyeshadow look with the Naked3, I opt for the nude, matte eyeshadow primer. I want to try out the NARS Eyeshadow Base, though!

My favorite palettes are the Urban Decay Naked3 and the Too Faced Natural Eyes. I would either use the shade "Nudie" or "Cashmere Bunny" from the TF palette for the crease because they are very nice velvety, matte brown shades. For more of a done-up eyeshadow look, I tend to gravitate towards the Naked3 because of the pink hues. I am a huge fan of rose gold, and the pink undertones of all the shades in this palette really suit brown eyes. I know purple makes brown eyes pop, but I don't like the color purple in general, and I think purple would be too over-the-top. The pink undertone is still neutral with a hint of color to it. My favorite shades from the Naked3 are: Buzz (rose gold glitter), Liar (light bronze with pink/mauve undertones), Factory (pink-brown/bronze), & Mugshot (taupe with pink undertones—I consider this a lighter version of factory, but that's just how it appears on my skin tone).

These two palettes and primers are the only eyeshadows I take with me when I go away because they're just so slim and compact. They're both perfect for wearing a natural makeup look to a more heavy nighttime look.

I can do an everyday makeup look if anyone would like to see that on the blog. Be sure to check back for future posts including a Sephora Haul, my holy grail concealer with a secret tip, and how I de-stress from life! :)


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