When it comes to face masks, it's hard to find a mask that is made without chemicals. Because face masks cleanse so deeply, skin tends to be more sensitive after taking off the mask. Lush Cosmetics makes all-natural bath, body, and skincare products. They also make Fresh Face Masks which have to be refrigerated due to the all-natural and preservative-free ingredients. I have three favorite face masks, and unfortunately I don't have a photo for one of them, but I will link the product information from Lush's website!

My top favorite is "Cosmetic Warrior". This mask is best for oily, acne-prone, and blemished skin. Its main ingredients are garlic, egg whites, and tea tree. I have to be honest, but this is not the best smelling face mask out there. The scent is really heavy at first, but it's not sickly—I got used to it, but it may be too strong for some people. This has been the best mask that I've ever used. I purchase this mask as soon as I notice that I'm getting more blemishes than average. It's gentle enough to use every day just like any other Lush face mask. I would say it really detoxifies the skin, and not only calms redness, but it calms down the growth of blemishes and makes them smaller until they're completely healed. Using this mask as soon as you notice blemishes helps soothe the inflammation before it gets big and super spotty.

Another favorite face mask of mine is called "Cupcake" and unfortunately, I don't have a photo of this product, but it's brown and smells like chocolate. The sales associates at Lush recommend this mask for oily skin, but it does not help my breakouts. The blemishes just sit there on my skin and this doesn't help to calm them down. Cupcake is a face mask that is best for oily skin, but it also has spearmint and peppermint oils to moisturize the skin after washing the mask off. There is cocoa powder as well as mud which helps draw out and open clogged pores. This mask smells so good you could eat it, but it doesn't taste like chocolate at all, haha.

My last favorite face mask from Lush is " Catastrophe Cosmetic". This mask is so gentle that it is for all skin types. Since this face mask isn't tailored to oily skin, it has more moisturizing agents. Chamomile oil helps moisturize the skin. The main ingredient in this face mask is the blueberries and calamine powder. The scent is wonderful and light. The blueberries help deep-cleanse while the calamine powder helps reduce redness and calms sensitive skin. I would more likely use this one in the wintertime since it does calm redness and irritation while deep-cleansing at the same time. I wouldn't want to strip all the oils off my face in the colder months, so I consider Cosmetic Warrior to be heavy-duty compared to Catastrophe Cosmetic. In the photo, it doesn't look as blue, but it's a very pale light purple-blue that tends to look grayish in some lights.

What are your favorite Lush products? I think Lush does such a great job in targeting sensitive skin because they use all-natural ingredients, which is so helpful when it comes to skincare.

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