My third day in New York was just scorching hot. I had to keep this outfit simple: white and flowly. I normally don't wear the color black because I'm not a fan of how it looks on me, plus it makes me sweat a hundred times more than normal when I'm wearing black on a hot summer's day. I paired this flowy Brandy Melville tank with a BM criss-cross bralette, and destroyed medium-wash denim shorts from American Eagle. It is so hard for me to find shorts that fit perfectly. I'm not a fan of high-wasited shorts because I am already so short that my torso barely exists. I prefer to wear low-cut shorts, but I don't want them to be too long that they look like Bermuda shorts when they're not supposed to be. I try to stick with short-shorts, but not too short that it gets inappropriate when I bend down. American Eagle's low-rise "shortie" shorts fit me perfectly. I have this type of shorts in three different washes. The BM tank is something I have been looking for for quite some time now. I had originally ordered it online, but a few days after placing the order, my money was refunded and I got an email saying they no longer carried it. I was devastated because the style of the tank was something that I knew was so my style. A month or so later, I went into BM in Boston to take a look around and I found this tank hanging up high. I noticed it right away and purchased it. I'd like to think that it was fate that brought this tank and I together, haha. My feet were also so sore and dead from walking many, many miles in flat sandals the days before, so I opted for a pair of cushioned, comfy Converse.

Top: Brandy Melville | Bralette: Brandy Melville
Shorts: American Eagle | Sneakers: Converse

Before strolling around Washington Square Park, my boyfriend and I went to Chelsea Market to grab some lunch. I had no idea how crowded it would be during the afternoon on a workday, but it was filled with tourists. I thought the food court would've been more open and spacious. It was very difficult to find a table with seats. After we ate, we felt it was worth making the trip because we both had never been there before. There was also a People's Pops stand at the market, so I decided to try it out. A cool popsicle was much needed in the summer heat. I got the flavor "cold brew mocha" and it was literally a coffee popsicle with a hint of chocolate. I was impressed because it didn't melt straight away like a regular popsicle, probably due to the absence of food chemicals and artificial flavoring. 

After eating at Chelsea Market, we went for a walk on The High Line. I was really not impressed with this because first, from the website and photos I've seen, I thought it was located higher up than two floors. Also, my legs and feet couldn't handle high-demand walking after two days without a break, so we only walked a couple blocks on The High Line until we saw the exit. Afterwards, we made our final stop at Washington Square Park and Baked By Melissa. I was very disappointed that the water fountain was not on because it was being cleaned by the maintenance men. The reason why we came to Washington Square was to see the fountain, but it was just nonexistent at the time. We stopped by Baked By Melissa on the way home because it was near, and I was craving some of New York's best cupcakes. My favorite flavors have got to be cookie dough and chocolate chip pancake.  could live off of those flavors of cupcakes. Mmm…they're so good I could still taste them.

*For days four, five, and seven, I do not have outfit pictures because we did not really explore since my boyfriend had work. We went out for a quick dinner, so pictures at night don't work out well, and I wasn't dressed all that great because we weren't going to fancy places. I just had a bum day for those three days, but I just thought I'd let you know.


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