In my first post, I raved about loving The Body Shop's Mango body butter. When I had heard that The Body Shop was releasing a limited edition lime-scented body butter, I just had to get it. Fresh fruit scented things are my go-to when it comes to scents because as I've said before, I'm so sensitive when it comes to what scents I use on my body.
I never thought to use body butters in the summer because of their extremely thick and moisturizing formula. It turns out that The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito is a light, fresh, fruity scent that is not overly oily/moisturizing like the Mango scent. What I've noticed is that on the packaging, it says "Fresh Hydration for Normal Skin" whereas the Mango one says "For Very Dry Skin". I haven't noticed this before, but this probably contributes to how moisturizing each body butter is. I absolutely love this formula because it is perfect for the summer weather. I use this at night after I shower, and it is also amazing for freshly shaved legs. Because it's summer, I don't use as much as I would in the wintertime, but I am definitely going to stock up on a couple more before they run out. This scent is probably my new favorite, but Mango will always be my number one moisturizing formula. If you live near The Body Shop, I would highly recommend stopping in to smell and test this scent out! They also offer a body sorbet, scrub, shower gel, and body splash in this scent, which I have yet to buy. It literally smells like summer in a tub.


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