I am a sucker when it comes to stationary. I especially love cute and simple notebooks and agendas that I can count on to use throughout my daily life. Since I was in elementary school, I loved going back-to-school shopping and I pondered through the aisles for hours. Growing up, the schools I attended provided agendas every year for us to use. I am huge on organization and cleanliness; it makes me feel oriented and ready to go.

Having started college, I was not provided with agendas, which made me feel panicked. I quickly scoured Barnes & Noble for a cheap agenda that did the job, but did not make me feel happy as I did in past years. It was because it was too simple. It was nothing special—basically a notebook with dates written in it. For my sophomore year, I opted for a medium-sized Lily Pulitzer agenda. I was happy with it at first, but by second semester, I was so done with the overload of pink and colorful doodles. Also, the lines were way too small for my handwriting. It just wasn't for me. I went from a basic notebook agenda to an all-out decorated agenda to discover that I needed something in between. That's when I stumbled upon the Kate Spade agendas.

I purchased two things; a large agenda and a large notebook. This 2016 agenda made me so excited, and the design is just right. The design is simple, yet cute, and is not overly decorative.
I thought the notebook was clever because despite being large, in small, gold, uppercase print are the words "So Well Composed." I absolutely adore it. I use a medium point Sharpie Pen to write in both the agenda and notebook. I have quite large handwriting with semi-heavy pressure (depending on the writing utensil I use), so wide-ruled is the only type of lined paper I will use. Kate Spade has the wide-ruled lines in both their notebooks and agendas, which made
me more excited to use them.

Kate Spade offers many designs for their notebooks and agendas. These are just a couple that I instantly fell in love with.
I don't know if I'm the only person who gets excited over making a trip to Target or Staples to browse through their office and stationary aisles.


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