I have the type of skin that is prone to a breakout every once in a while, otherwise, random pimples will pop up. Some of them will be small that go away over night, and some will be big ones that tend to sit on my skin for a week. To treat these problems, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. I've mentioned before that I use a few products from their Tea Tree range, but I think this product deserves its own post.
Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial, and it helps soothe inflammation. I dab a small amount on right after I've washed my face, sometimes twice a day depending on how bad the blemish is. It works like magic. I've tried other blemish creams before, but nothing compares to this. Other creams and acids irritated and dried out my skin. This oil does not dry out at all. It also does not make oily skin more oily.The Body Shop uses natural oils, and no harsh chemicals. Since I have sensitive skin, I really cannot stand drugstore products because of the harsh chemicals. I always try to look for affordable, effective, safe skincare (and makeup) that will not damage my skin.


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