For about a year now, I have been eyeing Rebecca Minkoff's Mini MAC bag. I absolutely adore cross-body bags, and I think they're the perfect size for me to use everyday. I have a black and gold Coach one which I use on a daily basis, but I have been saving up for this new addition.
When I first discovered this style of bag, I loved it because of the hook closure along the front of the bag. When I found out that RM bags offered rose gold hardware, I just had to get my hands on it. Since I already have a black bag, I did not find it useful to get a black and rose gold Mini MAC, so I opted for the white one. This white leather is gorgeous. I have to admit, it weighs heavier than what I thought it would, but all that rose gold is probably the reason for it. I love the chain strap. It is perfect for summer, and white goes with everything. I purchased this from Nordstrom.
On Saturday, I'll be heading off to New York City to visit my boyfriend, and I will definitely be taking pictures, and hopefully they will be (finally) fashion, outfit, and makeup of the day posts! I am beyond excited because I have not been to New York since December, and the city stole my heart the last time I visited.


In my first post, I raved about loving The Body Shop's Mango body butter. When I had heard that The Body Shop was releasing a limited edition lime-scented body butter, I just had to get it. Fresh fruit scented things are my go-to when it comes to scents because as I've said before, I'm so sensitive when it comes to what scents I use on my body.
I never thought to use body butters in the summer because of their extremely thick and moisturizing formula. It turns out that The Body Shop's Virgin Mojito is a light, fresh, fruity scent that is not overly oily/moisturizing like the Mango scent. What I've noticed is that on the packaging, it says "Fresh Hydration for Normal Skin" whereas the Mango one says "For Very Dry Skin". I haven't noticed this before, but this probably contributes to how moisturizing each body butter is. I absolutely love this formula because it is perfect for the summer weather. I use this at night after I shower, and it is also amazing for freshly shaved legs. Because it's summer, I don't use as much as I would in the wintertime, but I am definitely going to stock up on a couple more before they run out. This scent is probably my new favorite, but Mango will always be my number one moisturizing formula. If you live near The Body Shop, I would highly recommend stopping in to smell and test this scent out! They also offer a body sorbet, scrub, shower gel, and body splash in this scent, which I have yet to buy. It literally smells like summer in a tub.


I have the type of skin that is prone to a breakout every once in a while, otherwise, random pimples will pop up. Some of them will be small that go away over night, and some will be big ones that tend to sit on my skin for a week. To treat these problems, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. I've mentioned before that I use a few products from their Tea Tree range, but I think this product deserves its own post.
Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial, and it helps soothe inflammation. I dab a small amount on right after I've washed my face, sometimes twice a day depending on how bad the blemish is. It works like magic. I've tried other blemish creams before, but nothing compares to this. Other creams and acids irritated and dried out my skin. This oil does not dry out at all. It also does not make oily skin more oily.The Body Shop uses natural oils, and no harsh chemicals. Since I have sensitive skin, I really cannot stand drugstore products because of the harsh chemicals. I always try to look for affordable, effective, safe skincare (and makeup) that will not damage my skin.


I am a sucker when it comes to stationary. I especially love cute and simple notebooks and agendas that I can count on to use throughout my daily life. Since I was in elementary school, I loved going back-to-school shopping and I pondered through the aisles for hours. Growing up, the schools I attended provided agendas every year for us to use. I am huge on organization and cleanliness; it makes me feel oriented and ready to go.

Having started college, I was not provided with agendas, which made me feel panicked. I quickly scoured Barnes & Noble for a cheap agenda that did the job, but did not make me feel happy as I did in past years. It was because it was too simple. It was nothing special—basically a notebook with dates written in it. For my sophomore year, I opted for a medium-sized Lily Pulitzer agenda. I was happy with it at first, but by second semester, I was so done with the overload of pink and colorful doodles. Also, the lines were way too small for my handwriting. It just wasn't for me. I went from a basic notebook agenda to an all-out decorated agenda to discover that I needed something in between. That's when I stumbled upon the Kate Spade agendas.

I purchased two things; a large agenda and a large notebook. This 2016 agenda made me so excited, and the design is just right. The design is simple, yet cute, and is not overly decorative.
I thought the notebook was clever because despite being large, in small, gold, uppercase print are the words "So Well Composed." I absolutely adore it. I use a medium point Sharpie Pen to write in both the agenda and notebook. I have quite large handwriting with semi-heavy pressure (depending on the writing utensil I use), so wide-ruled is the only type of lined paper I will use. Kate Spade has the wide-ruled lines in both their notebooks and agendas, which made
me more excited to use them.

Kate Spade offers many designs for their notebooks and agendas. These are just a couple that I instantly fell in love with.
I don't know if I'm the only person who gets excited over making a trip to Target or Staples to browse through their office and stationary aisles.


Having extremely oily skin with a few breakouts here and there, making my makeup stay flawless all day long is a chore (especially in the summertime). When I first started using makeup, it would just completely melt off during hot and humid summer days. I discovered Urban Decay's De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray through Ingrid (or missglamorazzi on YouTube). It has made a huge change in my makeup routine.

It costs $30 for the full size at Sephora, but Urban Decay also offers a travel-size one that is $14. This is the third bottle I've purchased and it usually lasts for about one year. I use it every day after I've applied foundation and concealer, and before powdering. I know some people would use this after the entire makeup look is complete, but my goal is to keep my foundation and concealer locked in place all day.

Urban Decay also offers other makeup setting sprays as well as a makeup primer spray. I have not tried the others as this is working fine for me, and it is oil-control, which is my number one concern. During super humid days, I need to touch-up with powder once or twice a day.

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with super oily skin, trying to make their makeup last through the day. It may seem pricey at first, but the duration of this product lasts about an entire year.


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