Since I've started getting into a real skincare routine, I've been using The Body Shop products most frequently. I am very sensitive to scents that some can instantly give me a headache or make me feel sick, but The Body Shop's Mango range has been amazing. I absolutely love how fresh and fruity the scent is.

My absolute favorite product from this range has to be the body butter. I have been through three tubs of these. I just admire the texture. It is silky smooth, leaves your skin feeling amazing, and really does last a very long time. I'm not sure about the "24-hour" claim since I shower before the 24 hours are even up. I massage this on immediately after I shower, and it sinks right in. Because body butters are quite thick, it takes some time before all of the oils really sink in.

Since the summer weather has finally been hitting the city, I wanted something lighter than a body butter. Being in Boston, the humidity can be ridiculous, and I feel like it makes the body butter just sit on my skin. I decided to opt for the Body Sorbet, which is light and cooling. It feels very refreshing to apply after a shower because of the aloe and cooling affect that lies within. The texture is literally like a sorbet. There are some sort of micro-beadlike things that dissolve onto the skin right after applying. It doesn't leave a sticky residue or anything. It smells sweeter than the body butter, but I've gotten used to the scent. When I had first started using this, I did not think I'd be able to use it every day because the scent was too sweet for me. I'm glad I got over the scent because it works wonders as a summer moisturizer.

The mango body scrub is something I use a couple times a week, usually when I feel like I need to treat my skin more. I use this after soaking in a bath or before I shave my legs. The oils in this scrub help my skin become super smooth and moisturized even after shaving. It feels very nice, and again, because of the oils in this product, I would most likely use it in the wintertime when my skin needs more hydration. Otherwise, in the summertime, I would use this before I shave, and sometimes follow-up with the sorbet. I almost don't even need the sorbet because the oils are so moisturizing by themselves.

The last product that I own from the mango range is this tiny little lip butter. To be honest, I bought this because I loved the mango scent and how the oils worked on my skin. I have quite full lips, and I am picky with lip products because some work, and some don't. It's very hit-or-miss when trying out new lip products. I tried using this many times, but it just doesn't do the job for me. It kind of just sits on my lips without really sinking in and moisturizing them. I thought this would have been a great product since it is a lip butter. I heard that lip butters were basically body butters for your lips, but I am not convinced of that. 

The other range from The Body Shop that I am obsessed with is their Tea Tree skincare. I have very oily skin, and I am prone to blemishes here and there. This range has really helped my skin stay clear for the past year. If you would like to see a blogpost about that, let me know!


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